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crashbzo   in reply to hopesplace   on

I need free dental work

Schedule an appointment at the Clayton State University Dental Hygiene Clinic. They can give you a cleaning (35.00) which you will need before any restorative dental work; x-rays (25.00) which you will also need and an overall exam (10.00). That is very cheap. At the clinic they can give you a list of other clinics to finish the restorative work you may need. 

The following are clinics that provide services at reasonable prices that will be based on your income. Very affordable:

Good Samaritan Health Center of Atlanta

Good Samaritan Health Center of Cobb

Whitefoord Elementary School Health Clinic

You can also check your local health departments.

Dental Schools are another option. They are always looking for patients (who meet certain requirements) for the board exams and other licensing exams. 

There is affordable help out there. I know it is hard to find and I hope this helps. 

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